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Hawaiian Volcanic Beach Hawaiian Scenic Vacation

Hawaii is unforgetable! With almost a constant temperature of about 80 degrees year around, it just doesn't matter when you go
to visit, it's always tropical and majestic. Beauty beyond compare, with so much to see and do!

There are multiple options - stay at a resort, stay at a hotel on the beach, take an organized group tour of the islands,
Or take a 7 day cruise to visit all the islands on Norwegian starting in Hawaii, or a cruise from California to the islands.

No matter how you want to visit Hawaii, we can plan it all for you! Just tell us how YOU want to see Hawaii.

Watch our videos below and take a look at our photo gallery from our visit.

First we have our own personal videos to share with you, and then some tour videos.

First Video is OUR helicopter ride over the dormant volcano at Mt. Kaleakala - Followed by Our Own Road to Hana Tour


When in Hawaii from late November thru March, one thing to see is Whale Watching - this is Our Whale Watch Videos.


Finally from our personal library, if you go to Hawaii, you have to see a Luau - Watch These two shows:


While visiting Hawaii, we strongly recommend taking the Helicopter tours with Sunshine Helicopters,
For more information on their helicopter tour service, Visit Here.

Hawaii Part One - Maui  -   Part Two - The Big Island & Kilauea Volcano


If You are a Whale Watcher, the best time to visit Hawaii is from December thru March when the Whales are in
Hawaiian waters giving birth to their babies and teaching them to breach. See the video below:

One of the most beautiful and scenic drives while in Hawaii, is the Road to Hana, and the Hana Coast line. I admit it can be scary if you are not careful, but the views are well worth the effort. Watch the Video below:


Taking a guided tour in Hawaii is a strong consideration - they will make sure that you see everything you should see.
If you go on your own, you could miss some spectacular scenic spots, so as a thought, we recommend taking a group tour.
One of our trusted partners who operate tours in Hawaii is Perillo Tours and we can get a customized Hawaiian tour
just for you. Let us arrange your special Hawaiian tour, and watch the videos below:



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This was my first time ever taking a cruise or wanting to arrange a vacation like this. Frank and Melody has been here for me every step of the way and still are.

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